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USD Bank Account

Dedicated USD Bank Account

Providing customers from over 150+ countries with access to USD depository accounts. Receive deposits and make payments through domestic and international wire transfers, as well as faster payment methods like ACH.

Manage crypto & money in one place

We are a crypto-friendly bank providing access to traditional banking services including payments with the ability to hold USD and crypto in the same account, and the facility to seamlessly convert digital assets to fiat currency.


Custody Money Market Account

Maximize your savings in a highly liquid and secure manner by opting for FV's custody Money Market account. Earn passive income on your account balance or stablecoin holdings.

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Make payments in foreign currencies

Effortlessly execute cross-border transfers in 10 different local currencies without trading in foreign currencies, opening additional accounts, or holding foreign currency balances.


Spend your money globally

FV Bank’s VISA Debit and Credit cards grant you the freedom to access your fiat money anywhere, anyplace in the world, securely.

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